2 May 2021

Moscow Chess Team, Southern Ural and Kimmeria Lead Russian Women's Team Championship

Mednyi Vsadnik and Gogolevsky, 14 are heading the open event.

The second round of the Russian Team Championships among men and women was played on May 2 in the Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina in Sochi.

Premiere League, Round 2 results:  

M. Botvinnik school (Moscow) - Ladya (Tatarstan) 3-3
Kimmeria (Crimea) - Gogolevsky, 14 (Moscow) 1-5
SShOR (Saint Petersburg) - Mednyi Vsadnik (Saint Petersburg) 1-5 
Moscow chess team - KPRF (Moscow) 3-3 

Wildberries Molodezhka didn't play on the that day.


Standings after Round 2:

1-2. Mednyi Vsadnik, Gogolevsky, 14 - 4 match points, 3. KPRF - 3.

Round 3 pairings:

Mednyi Vsadnik - Moscow chess team
Gogolevsky, 14 - SShOR 
Ladya - Kimmeria 
Wildberries Molodezhka - M. Botvinnik school

KPRF will get a bye. 

Pairings and results

Women's championship, Round 2 results:

SShOR-2 (Saint Petersburg) - Moscow chess team 1.5-2.5
Ugra - Kimmeria (Crimea) 1.5-2.5
Veterans of Russia - Southern Ural-1 (Chelyabinsk region)  1-3
Youth of Moscow - Ladya (Tatarstan) 2-2


Standings after Round 2:

1-3. Moscow chess team, Southern Ural-1, Kimmeria - 4 match points.

Round 3 pairings:

Moscow chess team - Southern Ural-1
Kimmeria - Ladya
Southern Ural-2 - Ugra
SShOR-1 - SShOR-2.

Pairings and results

In the Higher League, five teams have scored 4 match points. The leaders are Polytechnic (Sverdlovsk region), NSTU NETI (Novosibirsk region), Southern Ural (Chelyabinsk region), Russian veterans' team, and Zhiguli (Samara region).  


Pairings and results

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Photos by Vladimir Barsky