5 July 2022

Sanan Sjugirov Wins Russian Championship Higher League

Daria Charochkina excelled in the women's event.

The Russian Championships Higher League is concluded in Obninsk. The top 5 finishers in each tournament received the right to play in the 2022 Russian Championships Superfinals. 

Grandmaster Sanan Sjugirov won the open tournament with 6.5 points scored. Upon defeating GM Mikhail Kobalia in the final round, GM Vladislav Artemiev caught up with Sjugirov but became second due to an inferior tie-break. GMs Maksim Chigaev and Aleksandr Rakhmanov got 6 points each: a better Buchholz promoted the former to third place. The fifth qualifying spot to the Superfinal was taken by GM Ilja Iljushenok.

IM Daria Charochkina is the clear winner of the women's tournament: she's got 7 points. FM Ekaterina Goltseva is half a point behind. The 3rd-6th places were split by the player with 6 points scored: IM Marina Guseva (3rd place), IM Alina Bivol (4th place), WFM Mariya Yakimova (5th place), and WIM Yana Zhapova (6th place). Unfortunately, the latter didn't manage to qualify for the Superfinal. 

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Photos by Eteri Kublashvili