13 October 2021

Sanan Sjugirov Becomes Russian Rapid Champion

Alina Balaian won the women's championship.

The Russian Rapid Championships among men and women finished on the 13th of October in the Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina in Sochi. Two hundred and seventeen player took part in the open section and ninety-five in the women's.   

Grandmaster Sanan Sjugirov became the Russian rapid champion, having scored 8.5 points out of 11. He edged out GMs Zhamsaran Tsydypov (2nd place), Mikhail Demidov (3rd place). Dmitry Bocharov, and Ivan Rozum.   

Final standings

The women's event was won by WIM Alina Balaian, who got 9 points out of 11. WGM Baira Kovanova is half a point behind. WFM Margarita Lysenko (3rd place) and FM Ekaterina Goltseva scored 8 points each. 

Final standings

The Russian team blitz championships will be held on the 14th of October starting from 2 PM Moscow time. 

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Photos by Vladimir Barsky