19 November 2021

Russian Women Win Against Azerbaijan in Round 7 of European Championship

Team Russia lost to Ukraine in the open section.

The seventh round of the European Team Championships was played in Terme Čatež, Slovenia, on the 19th of November. 

In the open tournament, the Russian team lost to Ukraine 1.5-2.5. Alexander Grischuk, Daniil Dubov, and Vladislav Artemiev made draws, while Kirill Alekseenko lost his game.

The Russians are sharing 3rd place with five other teams which have got 10 match points each. The leaders are Azerbaijan and Ukraine, with 11 match points scored. Russia's next opponent is France.

The Russian women's team won the seventh match in a row by defeating Azerbaijan 3-1. Valentina Gunina and Polina Shuvalova achieved victories, while Aleksandra Goryachkina and Kateryna Lagno made draws. 

The Russians have got 14 match points. Georgia is 3 points behind. In Round 8, Team Russia will face Ukraine.

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Photos by Mark Livshitz