10 December 2020

Petrovskaya Ladya Wins Russian Team U19 Championship

MGFSO is second, while Nezhmetdinov school is third.

The Russian Team U19 Championship finished in the Kostroma region. 38 teams took part in the 9-round Swiss event. 

The winner was determined in the very last round. The Moscow Physical and Sport Union (MGFSO) didn't manage to defeat a solid team from the Barnaul chess club, and the match ended in a draw. At the same time, the Petrovskaya Ladya from Saint Petersburg beat the Rashid Nezhmetdinov school (Kazan) to win the tournament with 24 points scored.

MGFSO is second with 23.5 points, and the Rashid Nezhmetdinov school is on the third place with 23 points.                  

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Photos by Anna Shturman and Anatoly Lebedev