16 October 2021

Moscow Team Wins Russian Rapid Championship

South Ural-1 is the winner of the women's event.

The Russian Team Rapid Championships finished in the Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina in Sochi on the 16th of October. 

The Moscow Team won the open championship, which featured 35 teams. Alexey Sarana, Alexander Riazantsev, Boris Grachev, Aleksey Dreev, and Ivan Popov scored 15 match points out of 18 (28 board points). 

Ladya (Republic of Tatarstan) also got 15 match points but was inferior in a number of board points - 26. SShOR-1 (Saint Petersburg) is in third place with 14 points edging out Gogolevsky, 14 (Moscow). 

Final standings

South Ural-1 from the Chelyabinsk region won the women's event (12 teams) with 16 points out of 18. Team composition: Olga Badelka, Aleksandra Maltsevskaya, Baira Kovanova, and Elizaveta Solozhenkina. 

Youth of Moscow is second with 13 points. SShOR-1 (Saint Petersburg) won bronze, having scored 12 points and edged out Kimmeria (Republic of Crimea). 

Final standings

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Photos by Vladimir Barsky