29 August 2017

Misha Osipov Signs a Contract with Vector Capital Partners

The Construction Company will support the young talent not only in chess.

One of the founders of the Vector Capital Partners Construction Company Sergey Dorozhkin signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the parents of a young chess talent Misha Osipov. 

«Misha and I have much in common. We have been occupied with our favourite employment since childhood. Our father Ivan Dorozhkin, Honoured Builder of the RSFSR, fostered our interest in construction as well," Director General of the Company Yuri Dorozhkin said during a preliminary meeting with Misha's parents.   

Misha Osipov's various talents are really striking: apart from chess, a 4-year-old prodigy is keen on mathematics and physics, is studying astronomy, and likes zoology as well. In the Company's office, where the meeting was held, he immediately grew interested in models of a construction machinery. It was easy for him to name each and every heavy transporter. Nevertheless, a chess board was of particular interest to him. Sergey Dorozhkin couldn't but play a game of chess with the junior partner.