19 June 2021

Mikhail Shereshevsky Launches Video Course on Insight into Chess Endgames

The lectures will be available in Russian and English.

A well-known chess coach Mikhail Shereshevsky is launching the video course called "Professional Insight into Chess Endgames", which will tutorize on how to orientate oneself in complicated endgames and will give one an advantage over those who didn't take the course. 

New lectures for a duration of 60-70 minutes will be published 4-5 times a month on the website https://chess-endgame.com/. Each participant will get a chance to ask two questions on the current lesson during 48 hours after the publication, and Mikhail Shereshevsky will give a detailed reply. 

The course is bilingual (the Russian and English languages). The translator is FIDE Master Anton Konaplev.
The first video will be published on the website on June 21 at 11 AM Moscow time. 

Lesson №1

Theme: Thinking in schemes

1. Introduction to the video course

2. The four main principles that apply in complex game endings.

3. Study of the principle of "Thinking in schemes" on the examples of complex rook endings.

4. The two main methods of playing rook endgames with an extra passed pawn on the queenside for the strongest side and an equal number of pawns on the kingside.


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