5 April 2015

Ian Nepomniachtchi dominates the Aeroflot Open

He wins both Open A and Blitz tournament.

Ian Nepomniachtchi shared the first place in the Aeroflot Open A with Daniil Dubov and won the event due to better tie-break score. Both players collected 7 points. Another Russian player Ivan Bukavshin finished clear third with 6.5. In addition to winning the prize money, Nepomniachtchi qualified for the traditional tournament in Dortmund.

On the next day he dominated in the large blitz tournament, scoring 14.5/18 to take a clear first place, 1.5 points ahead of his main contenders. Lu Shanglei (China), Alexander Girschuk (Russia), and Maxim Matlakov (Russia) collected 13 points, eight more players finished with 12.5 points.