27 June 2015

Higher League Round 5 Results

Five players are on top in the men's event, four players sharing the first in the women's event.

Round 5 begins
Round 5 begins
Men's tournament

It was a Black day on top boards, with three wins and two losses for Black in the leading group. Ivan Popov (2647), who was in the lead after four rounds with 3.5 points, lost as White to Ildar Khairullin (2653). Vladimir Fedoseev (2674), playing White, was defeated by Alexander Motylev (2643). David Paravyan (2478) lost as White to Vladislav Atremiev (2660). White relaliated in Frolyanov (2566) - Alekseev (2651) 1-0 and Zvjaginsev (2648) - Shariyazdanov (2535) 1-0. 

The former World Champion Alexander Khalifman (2623), known for his extremely solid style in open tournaments, suffered a surprising defeat as White against Ivan Bukavshin (2647). 

The rating favorite Vladimir Malakhov (2699) defeated Konstantin Landa (2627), and is in good shape regarding qualification to the Superfinal.

The fourth rated player of the tournament Ernesto Inarkiev (2668) was unable to break resistance of the young FM Dmitry Gordievsky (2491) and remained at the 50% mark. The desired qualification to the Superfinal might become problematic for Ernesto, who know needs a powerful finish, and even this might not be enough. 

Standings after 5 rounds

Khairullin, Motylev, Artemiev, Frolyanov, Zvjaginsev - 4, 
Kobalia, Demchenko, Popov, Dubov, Bukavshin, Ponkratov, Malakhov - 3.5.

Women's tournament

Neither of three leaders were able to win in the 5th round: Marina Guseva (2410) drew with Alina Kashlinskaya (2432), and Baira Kovanova (2388), playing Black, lost to the experienced Svetlana Matveeva (2366). Anastasia Savina (2422) outplayed last year's qualifier Oksana Gritsaeva (2321) and also joined the leaders, coming into the rest day. 

Standings after 5 rounds

Savina, Kashlinskaya, Guseva, Matveeva - 4, 
Kovanova, Pustovoitova, Bodnakur, Ovod, Bivol, Drogovoz, Kovalevskaya - 3.5.