1 May 2022

First Round of Russian Team Championships Played in Sochi

Eighty teams are taking part in all the groups.

The first round of the Russian Team Championships was played in the Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina, Sochi, on 1 May. Eighty teams are taking part in the event: eight in the Premier League, 34 in the Higher League, 16 in the women's championship, 15 in the U15 open competition, and seven in the U15 girls' championship. 

Before the start of the round, Deputy Executive Director of the Chess Federation of Russia Alexander Tkachev read out the greetings from the CFR President Andrey Filatov.

The results in the Premier League are as follows:

Ladya (Tatarstan) - SShOR ShSh (Saint Petersburg) 5.5-0.5
KPRF Sports Club (Moscow) - M. Botvinnik School (Moscow) 3.5-2.5
Moscow Chess Team - Gogolevsky, 14 (Moscow) 3.5-2.5
Mednyi Vsadnik (Saint Petersburg) - Southern Ural (Chelyabinsk Oblast) 3.5-2.5.

The rating favourites won their matches in the women's tournament: the Moscow Chess Team defeated Veterans of Russia 4-0, Yugra won against Bukavushki (Samara Oblast) 3.5-0.5, while Southern Ural-1 (Chelyabinsk Oblast) beat SShOR ShSh-2 (Saint Petersburg) 2.5-1.5.

In the Higher League, the Novosibirsk Oblast Team crushed the MSU Law Faculty (Moscow) 4-0, while the Russian Chess School-1 made an unexpected draw with CHESSPSH_RU-Polina (Moscow).

Round 2 pairings (Premier League):

M. Botvinnik School -  Southern Ural
Gogolevsky, 14 - Mednyi Vsadnik
Ladya - Moscow Chess Team
KPRF Sports Club - SShOR ShSh.

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Photos by Vladimir Barsky