1 July 2023

Ekaterina Goltseva and Baira Kovanova Lead Russian Women's Championship Higher League

Volodar Murzin is heading the open event.

The Russian Championships Higher League resumed in Novokuznetsk after a rest day. Having defeated GM Sergei Lobanov as White, GM Volodar Murzin became the sole leader of the open event with 4 points scored out of 5. GMs Pavel Ponkratov, Arseniy Nesterov, Ivan Popov, Evgeniy Najer, Vadim Zvjaginsev, Artyom Tifmofeev, and IM Sergey Savitskiy are trailing by half a point behind the leader. 

In the women's tournament, FM Ekaterina Goltseva beat WGM Daria Voit, while WGM Baira Kovanova won against WFM Anna Shukhman. Thus, Goltseva and Kovanova are leading the race with 4.5 points scored. IM Alina Bivol has got 4 points. 

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Photos by Yulia Sergeeva