26 February 2020

Aydin Suleymanli and Rauf Mamedov Lead the Race at Aeroflot Open 2020

Decisive round is ahead.

The penultimate eighth round of the International chess festival Aeroflot Open was played in Moscow on February 26.

Sensation of the "A" tournament, a young Azerbaijani player Aydin Suleymanli won the third game in a row - this time against Parham Maghsoodloo (Iran). The 14-year-old International master caught up with his compatriot Rauf Mamedov, who made a draw against Baskaran Adhiban (India). Both leaders have scored 6 points each. 

Sanan Sjugirov, David Paravyan, Aleksandr Shimanov (all from Russia), Baskaran Adhiban, Aravindh Chithambaram (both from India), Mustafa Yilmaz (Turkey), Rinat Jumabayev (Kazakhstan), and Manuel Petrosyan (Armenia) are half a point behind. 

Round 9 pairings:

Mamedov - Suleymanli, Aravindh - Sjugirov, Yilmaz - Adhiban, Shimanov - Jumabayev, Paravyan - Petrosyan.

Tigran Harutyunian (Armenia) and Nikita Afanasiev (Russia) are heading the race in the B tournament with 6.5 points. 

Erdenepurev Boldoo (Mongolia) keeps leading the C tournament with 7 points. 

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