All-Russian speed chess competitions “RAPID Grand Prix of Russia” 2019 consist of regional tournaments, which have a status of the GP stages, and the final tournament. Overall result of the competition is formed by the outcome of the final tournament. 

The number of the RAPID Grand Prix stages is unlimited. Regulations of the stages are developed by regional chess federations and confirmed by the Russian Chess Federation. 

Sportsmen have a right to play in an unlimited number of the RAPID Grand Prix stages during the year.

The finalists are determined upon the data which RCF receives from the stages' organizers. RAPID Grand Prix points scored by participants are summed up to determine the finalists. In case of a tie, the average number of points, scored by each of them during one stage, is taken into consideration. The one, whose tiebreaker is higher, gets an advantage.  If the tie still exists, the sportsman, who was placed higher in a particular event, gets an advantage.

14 sportsmen, who scored a maximum number of points in the stages, qualify for the final, including: 11 men, 1 woman, 1 junior under 19 years old (boy) and 1 junior under 19 years old (girl), and 2 Organizer's nominees, by agreement with the RCF.

In the case of any withdrawal, the candidates' list is formed by the participants who were placed next in their categories.

Tournament Calendar 2019

1. Vladimir Dvorkovich Memorial, January 18-21, Taganrog

2. Lipetsk Winter, January 22-25, Lipetsk

3. 17th Chess Festival «Sagaalgan 2019», March 7-11, Ulan-Ude

4. Star Trek, May 17-20, Korolev, Moscow Oblast

5. R. Nezhmetdinov Cup, May 28-31, Kazan

6. A. Kadyrov Memorial, May 31 - June 3, Grozny

7. Altai Krai Governor Cup, July 18-22, Barnaul

8. E. Zudov Memorial, July 26-29, Nizhny Tagil

9. Rapid in memory of Vladimir Dvorkovich, August 2-5, Taganrog

10. St Petersburg Summer, August 23-26, Saint Petersburg 

11. Igor Kurnosov Memorial, September 5-9, Chelyabinsk 

12. B. Kustov Memorial, October 24-28, Novokuznetsk

13. N. Gapizov Memorial, October 28-31, Makhachkala

14.   Ugra Cup, November 25-29, Khanty-Mansiysk

15.   Final of the RAPID Grand Prix (Top-16), November 30 - December 4, Khanty-Mansiysk.