15 January 2024

Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2024: Anish Giri Joins Alireza Firouzja in Lead

The World Champion celebrated his first win.

Photo: Jurriaan Hoefsmit - Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2024
Photo: Jurriaan Hoefsmit - Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2024

The third round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2024 is completed in Wijk aan Zee. It is worth to mention that 10 out of 11 decisive games so far were won with the black pieces. 

Ding Liren won his first encounter in the tournament: the World Champion outplayed Gukesh as Black in a double-edge game with the opposite-side castling taking advantage of a weak position of the opponent's king. Parham Maghsoodloo and Nodirbek Abdusattorov had a very exciting and creative battle in the English Opening. The Iranian player missed a favourable tactical opportunity on the 9th move of an unusual middlegame, while the Uzbek grandmaster didn't miss his chance: a mighty blow on the 23rd move tilted the balance to his advantage. The game was won by Abdusattorov on the 34th move.  

Ju Wenjun lost to Jorden Van Foreest: the Women's World Champion opted for a risky complications in a tricky endgame and didn't get a compensation for a piece. Anish Giri managed to outplay Alexander Donchenko in an approximately equal endgame right before the time control and fixed a victory after his own 41st move. 

The games Warmerdam - Firouzja, Praggnanandhaa - Wei Yi and Vidit - Nepomniachtchi.


Standings after Round 3:

1-2. Alireza Firouzja, Anish Giri - 2.5
3-5. Ian Nepomniachtchi, Ding Liren, Nodirbek Abdusattorov - 2
6-10. Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, Dommaraju Gukesh, Max Warmerdam, Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, Wei Yi - 1.5
11. Jorden Van Foreest - 1
12-14. Alexander Donchenko, Ju Wenjun, Parham Maghsoodloo - 0.5.

Round 4 pairings:

Firouzja - Abdusattorov, Wei Yi - Maghsoodloo, Ding Liren - Praggnanandhaa, Giri - Gukesh, Nepomniachtchi - Donchenko, Van Foreest - Vidit, Warmerdam - Ju Wenjun

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