7 May 2024

Sima-Land Leads FONBET Women's Russian Team Championship

SK KPRF and ShSM are ahead in the Premier League.

Monday, May 6, the Round 5 games of the FONBET Russian Team Championship finished at the Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina in the city of Sochi.

Premier League – Results:

Voronezh – Novosibirsk Oblast, 2.5:3.5
Republic of Belarus – Moscow Oblast, 3.5:2.5
SSChCh (St. Petersburg) – Russian Chess School, 2.5:3.5
SK KPRF – ShSM, 3:3
Kimmeria – Temus Team, 2:4

Teams SK KPRF and ShSM remain in the lead with 9 match points out of 10. However, SK KPRF has a higher total of board points - 21 to 18.5. The Russian Chess School is in third place with 8 match points (18.5 individual points). 

Round 6 pairings are as follows: 

Novosibirsk Oblast – Temus Team
ShSM – Kimmeria
Russian Chess School – SK KPRF
Moscow Oblast – Sports School Chess and Checkers (St. Petersburg)
Voronezh – Republic of Belarus

Women's Championship – Results of matches played by rating favourites:

Sima-Land – ShSM, 3.5:0.5
Kimmeria – ZhK Tatarstan, 2:2
Republic of Belarus – Yamal, 2.5:1.5
Sports School Chess and Checkers-2 (St. Petersburg) – Moscow Oblast, 0:4

Team Sima-Land has become the sole leader. They have scored 9 team points (15.5 – the sum of individual points). They are followed by ShSM - 7 (13.5), ZhK Tatarstan – 7 (12), and Kimmeria – 7 (11.5). 

Top team pairings of Round 6:

ZhK Tatarstan – Sima-Land
ShSM – Krasnodar Krai
Kimmeria – Republic of Belarus
Moscow Oblast – Novosibirsk Oblast

The Higher League has Formula Shakhmat in the lead with 10 match points (14.5 individual points). Five teams are 2 match points behind. 

The Russian Championship among boys born in 2010 and younger has team Youth Sports School named after M. Botvinnik in the lead with all five matches won. Trailing by 2 points behind are "Molniya 64" (Saratov Oblast) and "Gambit" (Rostov Oblast).  

The Russian Championship among girls born in 2010 and younger has team SK Yunost Moskvy in the lead with 10 match points. The KASULYA team (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast) has 8 points, the Moscow Oblast, Evdemonia (Vologda Oblast), and MKSSHOR "Vostok" (Moscow) are sharing 6 points. 

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The general partner of the Russian Team Championships is FONBET. The general partner of the CFR is PhosAgro. The media partner of the tournament is a social network Odnoklassniki.

Photos by Vladimir Barsky