The 2023 Russian Youth Cup among boys and girls under 9, 11, 13, and 15 years old consists of regional events, which have a status of the stages, and the final tournament. The series' results are summed up after the final event.

More than 50 stages will be held in various cities of Russia. 

Sportsmen have a right to play in an unlimited number of the Russian Youth Cup stages during the year. Regulations of the stages are developed by regional chess federations and agreed with the Chess Federation of Russia. 

Eight players take part in each age category of the final tournament - seven of them are those who qualify from any three stages of the Russian Youth Cup and one is nominated by the decision of the CFR Trainers Council. 

The medalists of the Russian Youth Cup Final qualify for the Russian Youth Championship 2024. The winners of the Russian Youth Cup Final are assigned to take part in the World and Continental Youth Championships 2024 by CFR.