Chess in museums

Chess in Museums is an international project implemented by Russian Chess Federation (RCF) together with the Charity Fund of Elena and Gennady Timchenko (Timchenko Fund). 

The idea of organizing chess events in major museums was for the first time realized in 2012, when the World Chess Championship match between Vishy Anand and Boris Gelfand took place in the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), thanks to the efforts of Andrey Filatov and Gennady Timchenko. 

In spring 2013 the RCF and the Timchenko Fund organized the Alekhine Memorial. The first half of the supertournament was played in the Louvre (Paris), the second part took place in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg

The 2013 Russian Superfinal was played in museums in Nizhni Novgorod

The 2014 Russian Superfinal took place in Kazan, and the players competed in the Museum of Art in the Kazan Kremlin

Chess is a very special game that is strongly connected with history and cultural heritage. The Chess in Museums project aims at demonstrating these bonds to everyone. We found an original format of organizing chess events in the best museums of Russia and world, thus exposing both chess and art to the broader audience. Without a doubt, the list of such tournaments will continue to grow!