Position of the day


Giri - Navara
Curses, like chickens, come home to roost: an ingenious thrust 23...Bc2 was refuted by a counterblow 24.b6! Vugar Gashimov Memorial is going on in Azerbaijan.


Carlsen - Topalov
The pawn was poisoned: Black had to give up his queen after 27...Bxc4 28.Rxd6 Qxd6 29.Re8+!. The leaders changed at Vugar Gashimov Memorial.


Vavulin - Yeletsky
Threat of the scholar's mate can be not so harmless sometimes: White gained initiative after 4.Qf3! e6 5.d4! Bxd4 6.Nb5. Russian Youth Championship is taking place in AquaLoo.


Navara - Topalov
The prick 37...Bb3! prevented White from stabilizing his position. Veselin Topalov is leading Vugar Gashimov Memorial.


Giri - Ding Liren
Unsolved study: 64...Ka3 65.f5 Bb4 66.Kd5 a6!! 67.Kc4 Be7! led to victory, while in the game White survived after 64...Kc5? 65.Ke5. Vugar Gashimov Memorial is taking place in Azerbaijan.


Ding Liren - Topalov
Close to cross-bar: 42...Ng4! 43.f3 Qb8!! was winning, but after 42...Nxf2 43.Kxf2 Ne4+ White defends himself with 44.Ke2! Vugar Gashimov Memorial is taking place in Azerbaijan.

Saint Louis

Caruana - Lenderman
They shoot horses, don't they? 23.Rxg6!, and Black resigns. The 2018 U.S. Championship attracted almost all strongest chess players of the country.

Vysoke Tatry

M. Muzychuk - Arabidze
Post horse brought news from a rook to the black queen: 18.Nb5! axb5 19.cxb5, and it is not possible to block the messenger tightly by 19...Nc5 because of 20.e5! The European Women's Championship is finishing in Slovakia.


Sethuraman - Naiditsch
A box for the black king: 32.f4! Ra6 33.Rxg6+! A strong open tournament is taking place in the UAE.