Position of the day


Fedoseev - Paravyan
A mighty blow at the centre: 25.e4 dxe4 26.Nd2! A traditional Aeroflot Open is taking place in Moscow.


Artemiev - Bologan
Declaring war: 9.g4! h6 10.h4 a6 11.Rg1. Vladislav Artemiev becomes the leader of Aeroflot Open 2018.


Korobov - Bologan
Knights are breaking free: 19...axb4! 20.Qxa8 bxc3 21.Bxc3 Nc5. A traditional Aeroflot Open is taking place in Moscow.


Chigaev - Matlakov
Hunting season for major pieces is open: 37...Nc6! 38.Bxb4 Ra8, and White resigns. Aeroflot Open 2018 started in Moscow.


Oparin - Dubov
Poems and prose: a solid 50... Nd4 led to a win, while a spectacular blow 50...Rxh3!? could have been met with a brilliant defense: 51.Qc8+ Kh7 (51...Kg7? 52.Qc3+ and 53.Re1) 52.Nf6+ Kg7 53.Qg8+! Kxf6 54.Rxe6+!! with a perpetual check. Daniil Dubov won a qualification tournament for Tal Memorial.


Kryakvin - Shinkevich
To catch against the ropes: 36.f6+ Kf8 37.Nxb7! A stage of the Rapid Grand Prix of Russia is taking place in Moscow Oblast.


Vakhidov - Nasuta
White is all around: 33.Be6+! Kh8 34.Nxg6+!, and Black resigns. The Northumbria Masters is taking place in England.


Bjerre - Jensen
A vacation in a foreign land: 13.Qxc7+ Kb4 14.Qc3+ Ka4 15.Qa3#. The Danish XtraCon League is under way.


Karpov - Hou Yifan
The evaluation of the position finally cleared up after two precise moves: 34.Bd4! Rf8 35.Ne4! The 12th World Chess Champion won the match versus the strongest female chess player of the World.