2 November 2017

Where Are You Going, Adhiban?

Maria Emelianova’s photo spread from the European Team Championship in Crete

The European Team Championship started in Creta Maris Beach Resort Hotel with official speeches and anthems. The ECU presented its new hymn.


Chief Arbiter Panagiotis Nikolopoulos celebrated his 60th anniversary on November 1.  


As usually, the Opening Ceremony didn’t go without national dances…


...and drawing of lots. Alexander Grischuk drew White in the open section.


...Alexandra Kosteniuk decided that she deserved to play with white pieces as well.


Both events are being played in a spacious Conference Hall of the hotel.  


One of the central matches in the women's section: Georgia vs. Russia.  


After a successful start the Russian men's team suffered a bitter loss from Hungary.


Valentina Gunina brought important points to her team in rounds 3 and 4.


Olga Girya deserved a free day in round 5.


The captain of the Russian women's team Sergei Rublevsky never leaves the playing hall. A book helps him cope with tension.  


Daniil Dubov solidly covers the team’s back.


Levon Aronian didn't leave his team without a permanent leader even after winning the World Cup and getting married.


An unexpected guest at the ETCC. Baskaran Adhiban says that he answers a question: «What are you doing here?» 10 times a day. It has emerged that he had come to Crete to help the Georgian women’s team.


The Georgian team did well before the match with Russia. Elizbar Ubilava and Sergei Rublevsky analysing.


Nana Dzagnidze is trying to make her team one of the leaders again.


Bela Khotenashvili is a real fighter. No draws!


Some teams took mascots with them: this little lion brings luck to girls from the Netherlands.


This squirell needs no introductions: the Spanish flag speaks for itself.  


Nino Batsiashvili's lucky charm is her persistency and fighting qualities. She got her final GM norm in the Isle of Man.  


Ekaterina Atalik is the leader of the Turkish women's team.


Olga Zimina is an irreplaceable leader of Italy.


Yuliya Shvayger is playing for Israel, and her team was one of leaders in the first rounds.


Her husband Arkadij Naiditsch is playing for Azerbaijan.


Israel vs. Croatia.


Germany is fighting for medals. An experienced Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu is heading the team.


Georg Meier and Matthias Bluebaum.


The Turkish team managed to defeat one of the top seeds – Ukraine!


Vahap Sanal scored a goal in the match having defeated Yuriy Kuzubov.


In a decisive moment of the central match, Richard Rapport held his ground in his game against Nikita Vitiugov.


Ian is trying to cope with emotions. The match Russia vs. Hungary ended with the victory of Hungarians.  


Levon Aronian and Sergei Movsesian.


The shortest game of round 4 was the encounter Botsari – Danielian. The players made a draw by repetition in 20 minutes.


Italian belles Desiree Di Benedetto and Tea Gueci.  


Russian beauties are shining as well.


Russian national teams in stylish uniforms. 

Good luck!