17 May 2021

Team Russia Receives Silver Doe Award

The ceremony took place in the Olympic Committee of Russia.


The Silver Doe awarding ceremony took place in the Big Hall of the Russian Olympic Committee on 17 May. The winners were determined by the Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia (FSJR), headed by its President, Chairman of the Russian Fair Play Committee Nikolai Dolgopolov. Having won the first FIDE Online Olympiad, the Russian national chess team has become the best team. 

The President of the Chess Federation of Russia, Head coach of the Russian national men's chess team Andrey Filatov, members of the national team Ian Nepomniachtchi, Andrey Esipenko, Alexey Sarana, Kateryna Lagno, Valentina Gunina, and Polina Shuvalova, team captain, coach of the men's team Alexander Motylev and coach of the women's team Vladimir Potkin ascended the stage.

Besides, the Russian chess players received diplomas and an honorary Fair Play Cup for organizing and conducting the Play For Russia charity tournament, the funds from which went to regional hospitals.

Kateryna Lagno and Alexander Grischuk have also received a special prize titled "To the Family of Champions", introduced by the many-time world champion Anatoly Karpov.

The Russian chess players received awards from the ROC President Stanislav Pozdnyakov. Hosting the ceremony was famous commentator Viktor Gusev.

The CFR President Andrey Filatov thanked the award ceremony organizers and journalists for such a high award.

Anastasia Voinova, Natalia Voronina (speedskating), Ekaterina Katnikova and Roman Repilov (toboggan), Alena Kostornaya (figure skating), Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev (tennis), Konstantin Kurokhtin (Paralympic sport - curling) and Angelica Sidorova (athletics) are among the top 10 athletes.

The renowned specialist Alexander Kuznetsov (bicycle racing) has been recognized as best coach of the year. Tamara Tansykkuzhina, seven-time world draughts champion, has been awarded a prize and gifts for noble play.


About FIDE Online Olympiad:

The first FIDE Online Olympiad was held from July 24 till August 30, 2020. The event is FIDE’s response to the postponement of the “traditional” Chess Olympiad, which was planned to take place between Moscow and Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia) in August 2020. 

Teams from 163 countries have gone to the starting line of the Online Chess Olympiad. Each team consists of six players and six reserves, in a mixed format with a minimum of three female players and two junior players.

Representing the Russian team were Alexander Grischuk, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Daniil Dubov, Vladislav Artemiev, Andrey Esipenko, Alexey Sarana, Kateryna Lagno, Aleksandra Goryachkina, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Valentina Gunina, Polina Shuvalova, and Margarita Potapova. 

Team captain, coach of the Russian national men's team is Alexander Motylev, Head coach of the Russian national men's team is Andrey Filatov, and Head coach of the Russian national women's team is Sergei Rublevsky.


Pictures by Eteri Kublashvili