21 October 2019

Polina Shuvalova Shares the Lead at World Junior Championships

Round 7 finishes in New Delhi.

Round 7 of the World Junior Championships was played in the capital of India on October 21.

Evgeny Shtembuliak (Ukraine) is leading the race in the open event with 6 points scored. Miguel Santos (Spain) is half a point behind. Ten players, including the Russians Semen Khanin and Volodar Murzin, are trailing by 1 point.  

In the girls' tournament, the leaders are Polina Shuvalova (Russia) and Mobina Alinasab (Iran) with 6 points. The Russians Elizaveta Solozhenkina and Dinara Dordzhieva have scored 5 points.

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Photos by Ekaterina Murzina