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19 March 2019

First Games of European Individual Championship Played in Skopje

Not all rating favourites win at the start.

Photo: Official website
Photo: Official website

The first round of the European Individual Championship was played in the capital of North Macedonia on March 18. Quite a lot of unexpected results happened at the start of the event. For example, Rauf Mamedov (Azerbaijan) lost to Paulius Pultinevicius (Lithuania) and Pavel Eljanov (Ukraine) lost to Goran Todorovic (Serbia). The games Tomashevsky - Warmerdam, Kozak - Dubov, Mazur - Saric, Filip - Vallejo, Korobov - Druska, Radovanovic - Ponomarios, Arsovic - Dreev, Safarli - Piesik and several others were drawn.

Round 2 parings

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