Person of day   -  14 AUGUST 2021



Malcolm was born and raised in Liverpool, England. During his youth, he was a promising chess player: after the Lloyds Bank tournament in London in 1986, he became an international master. Pein’s hand felled many grandmasters, including Adams and Plaskett. At a British championship that brought together the country’s strongest players, he won +2 in the company of grandmasters Hodgson and Rogers. He was only overtaken by preeminent players like Short, Conquest, Plaskett, King, Speelman, Ivanov, Gallagher and Adams. In 1988, he won a large tournament in Israel. 

In the early 1990s, England experienced a chess boom after the successes of Nigel Short and his match against Garry Kasparov in 1993. Malcolm filled the ranks of in-demand journalists and administrators. Pein became a regular columnist for The Daily Telegraph and publisher of Chess Magazine. He also headed a project called “Chess in Schools” and later went on to work for the London chess centre. During the first round of the Chess Classic-2013 tournament, the competitors congratulated Malcolm Pein on the 20thanniversary of his administrative work. 

He is the author of Grunfeld DefenceBlumenfeld DefenceThe Exchange Grunfeld (with A. Mikhalchishin) and Daily Telegraph Guide to Chess

Despite his prolonged separation from playing and the burdens of administering some of England’s largest tournaments and festivals, Malcolm Pein continues to play occasionally and successfully. Not long ago, Pein check-mated Mastrovasilis- one of the leaders of Greek chess- and won the world team championship with England’s senior players. 

Today, Pein’s main project is a super-tournament in Britain’s capital.