6 October 2018

And here I am, strolling through Batumi!

Boris Dolmatovsky’s photo spread from the capital of the chess Olympiad

In order to better know a city where one is for the first time due to the works of fortune, I always walk along streets and side streets and try to speak to locals. In Batumi- the current host of the chess Olympiad- I have to photograph players, events and genre-based situations, all of which take place daily in the expo-centre. But that takes place after 3 pm. The morning is mine. After breakfast, I immerse myself into an unknown world and converse with fellow men.  

What is most striking is that everyone speaks Russian. And everyone always responds in friendly tones to a question posed in Russian. All this at a time when our two countries have no diplomatic relations! Most notices are written in three languages: Georgian, English and Russian. 

Batumi is a city of contrasts. Modern and beautiful skyscrapers stand alongside houses from the Khrushchev era that require urgent renovation. There are multiple self-constructed balconies which support dangling laundry. An interesting part of the city is its historic town. Well-kept houses that belong to the city’s wealthier inhabitants with bas-reliefs and sculptures. Many cars of renowned brands that struggle to navigate the narrow streets. 

This is a Southern town by the Black Sea. A scenic embankment where visitors take walks. Special lanes for bikes and electrical two-wheelers. There are many tourists from Russia- they like it here. Many admitted to me that this wasn’t their first visit. 

At first the weather was spectacular: +30, with many people swimming. Then it got colder and began to rain. But I still take morning walks with my camera.

I offer for your attention a large photo compilation. If you like it, I shall submit another in a few days. Until then!