20 November 2020

Ugra and St. Petersburg Lead Russian Women's Team Championship

Four teams go undefeated in the open event.

The second round of the Russian Team Championships among men and women was played in the Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina in Sochi on November 20.

Mednyi Vsadnik (St. Petersburg) beat Cimmeria (Crimea) 4.5-1.5. The Chess Federation of Moscow (CFM) defeated CPRF (Moscow) 4-2 in a tough struggle. Molodezhka (Tyumen region) won against Moscow region with the same score. Ladya (Tatarstan) bested the Olympic reserve school (St. Petersburg) 4.5-1.5, while the match between M. Botvinnik school (Moscow) and Achimgaz (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) ended with a victory of the Muscovites 4.5-1.5. 

M. Botvinnik school, CFM, Ladya, and Mednyi Vsadnik are leading the race with 4 match points. 

Round 3 pairings: Moscow region - Mednyi Vsadnik, Achimgaz - Molodezhka, Olympic reserve school - M. Botvinnik school, CPRF - Ladya, and Cimmeria - CFM. 

In the women's tournament, Ugra outplayed Kimmeria 3-1, Moscow region and CFM drew the match, while the first team of the Olympic reserve school (St. Petersburg) won against Ladya 2.5-1.5. 

Ugra and St. Petersburg are the leaders with 4 match points. They will play each other in the third round.

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Photos by Vladimir Barsky