23 April 2022

Three Rounds of Russian Youth Championship Played in Sochi

Volodar Murzin is leading the race in the juniors' event.

Photo: Anastasia Domchenkova
Photo: Anastasia Domchenkova

Three rounds of the Russian Youth Championship among boys and girls under 15, 17, and 19 years old, Russian Junior Championships, and the all-Russian competition "First League" were played in the AquaLoo resort in Sochi. 

The results in the juniors' events are as follows: 

Open: Tsoi - Grachev 1/2-1/2, Murzin - Remizov 1-0, Salemgareev - Shubin 0-1, Nesterov - Khubukshanov 1-0, Pavlov - Tsvetkov 0-1.

Volodar Murzin has taken the sole lead with 3 points scored. Arseniy Nesterov and Dmitry Tsoi are half a point behind. 

Girls: Dubnikova - Zhapova 0-1, Getman - Goltseva 0-1, Nasyrova - Loskutova 1-0, Solozhenkina - Grigorieva 1/2-1/2, Miroshnik - Nur-Mukhametova 1-0.   

Yulia Grigorieva and Eketerina Goltseva are leading the race with 2.5 points scored by each. 

Photos by A. Domchenkova:


Round 3 (juniors)

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Tournament on Chess-Results (juniors)

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