22 September 2021

South Ural Wins Fifth Match at European Women's Club Cup

Mednyi Vsadnik is in the lead in the open event.

Photo: Official website
Photo: Official website

The fifth round of the 36th European Chess Club Cup and the 25th European Women's Chess Club Cup was played in Struga, the Republic of North Macedonia, on the 22nd of September. 

In the open event, Mednyi Vsadnik made a draw with AVE Novy Bor (Czech Republic). Both teams, which have scored 9 match points each, were joined by Silla-Valencia Origin of Chess (Spain). However, the Russian club has a superior tie-break.

In the penultimate 6th round Mednyi Vsadnik will face Silla-Valencia Origin of Chess, whilst AVE Novy Bor will play against the local Alkaloid.

South Ural won the fifth match in a row in the women's section: in Round 5 the Russians defeated Kumanovo (North Macedonia). The Ukrainian GRECO – Kyiv Chess Federation is 1 match point behind the leader. South Ural will play against the Macedonian Alkaloid in the next round.

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