11 June 2019

Six Rounds of 20th International Anatoly Karpov Tournament Played in Poikovsky

Rest day is ahead.

Photo by Vasily Papin
Photo by Vasily Papin

The sixth round of the 20th International Anatoly Karpov Tournament was played in Poikovsky on June 11. 

Andrey Esipenko defeated Vladislav Kovalev, while Ivan Saric outplayed Vladimir Fedoseev. The games Artemiev - Wang Hao, Mamedov - Korobov, and Jakovenko - Sasikiran were drawn.
Standings after Round 6:

1. Dmitry Jakovenko - 4
2-9. Vladimir Fedoseev,  Anton Korobov, Krishnan Sasikiran, Wang Hao, Rauf Mamedov, Vladislav Artemiev, Andrey Esipenko, Ivan Saric - 3
10. Vladislav Kovalev - 2. 

June 12 is the tournament's free day.

Round 7 pairings:

Sasikiran - Kovalev, Korobov - Jakovenko, Saric - Mamedov, Wang Hao - Fedoseev, Esipenko - Artemiev.
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