27 June 2022

Second Round of Russian Championships Higher League Played in Obninsk

Both events are headed by three players.

Photo: Vladimir Barsky
Photo: Vladimir Barsky

On 27 June, the second round of the Russian Championships Higher League was played in Obninsk. GMs Sanan Sjugirov, Nikita Afanasiev, and Dmitry Kokarev are leading the race in the open event. Twelve players, including IM Polina Shuvalova, are half a point behind. In Round 2, Shuvalova defeated one of the rating favourites, Pavel Ponkratov.

WFM Margarita Filippova, FM Ekaterina Goltseva, and WIM Yana Zhapova are heading the women's tournament with a perfect score. Sixteen participants are trailing by half a point. 

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