4 July 2022

Sanan Sjugirov Becomes Sole Leader of Russian Championship Higher League

Daria Charochkina pulls ahead in the women's section.

The penultimate eighth round of the Russian Championships Higher League was played in Obninsk on 4 July. Having defeated Valery Sviridov, Sanan Sjugirov has become the sole leader with 6 points scored. Vladislav Artemiev is half a point behind. Ten players have got 5 points each. 

Round 9 pairings: Iljushenok - Sjugirov, Artemiev - Kobalia, Rakhmanov - Kokarev, Chigaev - Sychev, Shubin - Afanasiev, Sviridov - Nesterov, etc. 

In the women's tournament, the leader Ekaterina Goltseva lost to Daria Charochkina, and now the Muscovite is heading the race with 6.5 points. Goltseva is trailing by half a point. Alina Bivol and Mariya Yakimova have got 5.5 points each.  

Round 9 pairings: Yakimova - Charochkina, Goltseva - Garifullina, Bivol - Bodnaruk, etc.

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Photos by Eteri Kublashvili