14 July 2021

Return Games of Round One Played at FIDE World Cup

19 matches of the open tournament and 9 women's matches go into a tie-break.

Photo: Eric Rosen / FIDE
Photo: Eric Rosen / FIDE


Return games of round one of FIDE World Cup finish July 13 at the Galaxy Entertainment and Leisure Complex of Krasnaya Polyana. The chess players who won their matches have advanced to the second round (scheduled on Thursday, July 15) to join players with the highest ratings: 50 in the open and 25 in the women’s tournaments respectively. And those who drew their matches will play a tie-break on Wednesday, July 14. 

Going into game day two, FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich and Head of the FIDE Trainers Commission Mikhail Kobalia presented the Vasily Smyslov award to the tournament participant Sami Khader (Jordan), whose FIDE Chess Academy in Amman has become one of the FIDE Trainer Award takers.    

In other nominations of the FIDE Trainer Awards, the winners are: Rustam Kasimdzhanov (Uzbekistan), Ni Hua (China), Sergey Zagrebelny (Russia), Yakov Geller (Russia), Xie Jun (China), Ye Jianchuan (China), Melikset Khachiyan (USA), and Berik Akkozov (Kazakhstan). 

Following the award presentation, FIDE President made the symbolic first move in the M. Sebag - P. Drastik game.

There happened no big upsets as the majority of rating favorites have won their matches. Ex-world champion Anna Ushenina, Vadim Zvjaginsev, Pauline Guichard managed to bounce back after day one. We can also highlight the score levelling victories of Sabrina Latreche over Natalia Buksa and Basheer Al Qudaimi over Amin Tabatabaei. 

Wednesday, July 14, will see a tie-break in 19 matches of the Open and 9 matches of the women's tournaments. Immediately after completion of the second "classical" game a new drawing of lots was carried out for the tiebreaker matches (for each matchup separately). 

Tie-break pairings (colours given for game one):

Open Tournament:

Al Qudaimi (Yemen) – Tabatabaei (Iran)

Delgado Ramirez (Paraguay) – Murshed (Bangladesh)

Gabuzyan (Armenia) – Bellahcene (Algeria)

Mageranto (Indonesia) – Ghaem Maghami (Iran)

Fawzy (Egypt) – Alekseev (Russia)

Gretarsson (Iceland) – Stupak (Belarus)

Teclaf (Poland) – Gukesh (India)

Nikolov (Bulgaria) – Perez Ponsa (Argentina)

Valderrama (Colombia) – Akobian (USA)

Savchenko (Russia) – Afanasiev (Russia)

Cheng (Australia) – Sanal (Turkey) 

Mwali (Zambia) – Martirosyan (Armenia) 

Gonzalez Zamora (Mexico) – Mekhitarian (Brazil) 

Hesham (Egypt) – Adly (Egypt) 

Haria (England) – Zvjaginsev (Russia)

Fier (Brazil) – Pechac (Slovakia) 

Gareyev (USA) – Tin (Singapore) 

Iordachescu (Moldova) – Murzin (Russia) 

Abdyjapar (Kyrgyzstan) – Bok (Netherlands)

Women’s Tournament:

Frayna (Philippines) – Hoang (Hungary)

Mammadova (Azerbaijan) – Narva (Estonia) 

Guichard (France) – Varela la Madrid (Venezuela) 

Moaataz (Egypt) – Ushenina (Ukraine)

Kulon (Poland) – Yu (USA)

Buksa (Ukraine) – Latreche (Algeria)

Wafa (Egypt) – Skripchenko (France)

Demchenko (Canada) – Cyfka (Poland)

Salimova (Bulgaria) – Aliaga Fernandez (Peru)

Two tie-break games are played with time control of 25 minutes for each player + 10 seconds increment per move, beginning with move one. If the score is level, two games are played with time control of 10 minutes for each player + 10 seconds increment per move. If the score is still level, two games are played with time control of 5 minutes for each player + 3 seconds increment per move.  If the score is still level, one Armageddon game is played. The player with the white pieces gets 5 minutes; the player with the black pieces gets 4 minutes with a draw favoring Black. 


Organisers: International Chess Federation (FIDE), Chess Federation of Russia, Russian Ministry of Sports, and Government of Krasnodar Krai 


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