12 September 2018

Maksim Chigaev Wins Rashid Nezhmetdinov Cup in Kazan

Tournament is stage of Russian Rapid Grand Prix. 

The Rashid Nezhmetdinov Cup, a stage of the Rapid Grand Prix of Russia, finished in Kazan on September 12th. The event saw 121 chess players from 8 countries, including 30 grandmasters and 18 international masters. 

The winner is grandmaster Maksim Chigaev who scored 8.5 points out of 11. Timur Gareyev (USA) is second due to his inferior tie-break. Ivan Bocharov took the third place edging out Alexander Morozevich, Dmitry Kokarev, Alexey Sarana, and Artyom Timofeev by additional criteria.
Evgenij Kalegin showed the best result among seniors, Leya Garifullina - among women, while Dmitry Tsoi - among juniors. Ramil Faizrakhmanov was rewarded as the best player from Tatarstan, while Ilya Makoveev took the prize as the strongest player with ELO below 2300.  

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