5 December 2021

Magnus Carlsen Wins Game Eight of FIDE World Championship Match

The score has become 5:3 in world champion’s favour.

Sunday, December 5, game eight of the Carlsen vs Nepomniachtchi World Championship Match finished in Dubai. The symbolic first move was made by former Real Madrid football player Michel Salgado. 

Magnus Carlsen opened the game with the king pawn move, and it was the Petrov’s Defence as in game four. The World Champion was the first to sidestep, aiming at a position with a purely symbolic advantage, but without the slightest risk. The challenger was not happy with such a turn of events and crossed the line of no return in search of counterplay. His seemingly active 21st move proved a tactical blunder: a small combination allowed Carlsen to win a pawn by exploiting the home rank weakness. Not only that, but Black's pieces had to retreat to passive positions, from where they failed to put up a stubborn defense. Carlsen was precise during the conversion stage and won the game on move 46. 

The overall match score has become 5:3 in Magnus Carlsen’s favour. Monday, December 6, is a rest day. Game nine is taking place Tuesday, December 7, with Ian Nepomniachtchi playing the white pieces. 

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Photos by Vladimir Barsky