28 November 2018

Magnus Carlsen Defends World Champion's Title in London

Fabiano Caruana crushed on tie-break.

The tie-break of the World Championship Match between Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and Fabiano Caruana (USA) was played in London on November 28. 

The World Champion won the first rapid game having outplayed his opponent in a rook endgame with an extra pawn where Black had good chances to survive. 

In the second game, Caruana began a sharp struggle, however, Carlsen was stronger in calculations and celebrated victory after his 28th move.  

The World Champion played the third game in a solid way, while Caruana rejected a draw, which was unfavorable for him. The Norwegian demonstrated a bishop's superiority over a knight in the endgame with queens and minor pieces. Having got the second queen, Carlsen won the game and the match.

Thus, having defeated Fabiano Caruana with an overall score 9-6, Magnus Carlsen won the World Championship Match and defended his title of the planet's strongest chess player.   

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Photos by David Llada