26 June 2015

Museum of the World Ocean Welcomes Young Chessplayers

Details of the children's program on June 27 at the Russian Higher League.

A simultaneous exhibition with Russia's leading grandmasters and participants of the Higher League will be held for 50 young chess players aged 5 to 16 at 13:00, June 27, in the Kaliningrad Museum of the World Ocean as part of the Russian Chess Championship's nationwide Higher League. The young players will come from Kaliningrad and other parts of the Kaliningrad Region: Zelenogradsk, Baltiysk, Gvardeisk, Yantarny, Ladushkin and Svetly. It was for a reason that the museum was handpicked as the venue for the simul: the Russian Chess Federation and Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation included the Higher League 2015 in its international program Chess in Museums.

A Children's Day is traditionally held during major chess events under the Chess in Museum program. Thanks to these master classes and simuls, young chess lovers can network with their idols in an informal setting, measure themselves up against renowned grandmasters and perhaps even beat one of them. During the 2014 Russian Championship Superfinals that was held in the Kazan Kremlin's Art Gallery Khazine, for example, the young Adelya Zinnatullina defeated the experienced Grandmaster Artyom Timofeev.   

Also on June 27, the lobby of the Museum of the World Ocean will feature the exhibitions Chess in the War Years 1941-1945 from the collection of the Museum of Chess and Our Chronicle organized under the auspices of Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation. When the simul is over, the children and the guests will have an opportunity to visit a unique aquarium and the exhibition Petergof - Emperors' Sea Capital, and get aboard the research ship Vityaz. All the simul participants will get souvenirs from the organizers. The entrance is free.

Chess is a game for everyone, so on this day members of the Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Trade decided to join the children to take a very active part in the Chess in Museums international program. We will be looking forward to seeing the outcome of this battle.