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22 September 2019

Humpy Koneru Wins FIDE Women's Grand Prix Leg in Skolkovo

Ju Wenjun and Aleksandra Goryachkina are half a point behind.

Photo: David Llada, Official website
Photo: David Llada, Official website

The final 11th round of the FIDE Women's Grand Prix leg was played in the Skolkovo business centre on September 22. 

The leader Humpy Koneru made quite a quick draw with Ju Wenjun to secure the first place. The winner will get 5,000 Euro first prize and 160 WGP points. 

The challenger Aleksandra Goryachkina outplayed Pia Cramling in a tough fight and shared 2-3 places with Ju Wenjun. Goryachkina is third due to her inferior tie-break.

Elisabeth Paehtz defeated Alina Kashlinskaya, Alexandra Kosteniuk lost to Antoaneta Stefanova, while the games Sebag - Gunina and Harika - Lagno were drawn. 

Final standings:

1. Humpy Koneru (India) - 8
2-3. Ju Wenjun (China), Aleksandra Goryachkina (Russia) - 7.5
4. Kateryna Lagno (Russia) - 6.5
5-6. Valentina Gunina (Russia), Elisabeth Paehtz (Germany) - 6
7. Dronavalli Harika (India)  - 5
8-9. Alina Kashlinskaya, Alexandra Kosteniuk (both from Russia)- 4.5
10-11. Marie Sebag (France), Antoaneta Stefanova (Bulgaria) - 4
12. Pia Cramling (Sweden) - 2.5.

The Skolkovo Cup, a stage of the Russian Rapid Grand Prix, finished on September 22 as well. Aleksandr Shimanov and Alexander Motylev took 9 points out of 11. Shimova became the winner thanks to his superior tie-break. Vadim Moiseenko is half a point behind. Alexey Sarana and Dmitry Frolyanov scored 8 points each.  

Tournament on Chess-Results

Organizers: International Chess Federation (FIDE), Russian Chess Federation (RCF), and Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

General partner of the event: PJSC “Magnit”.

Partners: General partner of RCF PhosAgro and SILA International Lawyers. 

Official website

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