26 June 2015

Higher League Round 4 Results

Ivan Popov solely leads the men's event with 3.5/4.

Grandmaster Ivan Popov
Grandmaster Ivan Popov
Men's tournament

Six top games of the men's Higher League tournament ended peacefully, which allowed Ivan Popov (2647) to maintain his lead despite dropping first half a point (he drew as Black against Vladislav Artemiev (2660)).

Standings after 4 rounds:

Popov - 3.5, Kobalia, Alekseev, Artemiev, Motylev, Paravyan, Frolyanov, Fedoseev, Dubov, Khairullin, Demchenko, Zvjaginsev, Shariyazdanov - all 3.

Women's tournament

None of the leaders were able to continue their winning streak. Barina Kovanova (2388) and Marina Guseva (2410) drew their game on the first board, and Daria Pustovoitova (2351) lost as Black to the second seed Alina Kashlinskaya (2432).

In another key game on the third board the rating favorite of the event Ekaterina Kovalevskaya (2461) suffered a defeat as Black against the third seed Anastasia Bodnaruk (2428).

Standings after 4 rounds: 

Kovanova, Kashlinskaya, and Guseva - all 3.5, Pustovoitova, Bodnaruk, Savina, Ovod, Matveeva, and Gritsaeva - all 3.