12 January 2023

Head of Sakha Republic Cup to Take Place in Yakutsk

The city will host the Russian Cup stage for the first time in its history.

Photo credit: wikiwand.com
Photo credit: wikiwand.com

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the largest art collection in the north-east of Siberia, is to host the first stage of the 2023 Russian Cup from January 24 to February 1. The competition features a number of Russia’s leading chess players: the 2022 Russian Cup winner Boris Grachev, a senior coach of the Russian junior team Mikhail Kobalia, the youngest Russian grandmaster Volodar Murzin, a famous coach and journalist Dmitry Kryakvin, and Buryatia's first-ever grandmaster Anton Shomoev.

Among other players, representing the Republic of Yakutia will be its strongest chess players – Dmitry Egorov, Gumar Moiseev, Vladimir Tappyrov, Maxim Popov, Denis Nazarov, Roman Ganzhurov. All in all, they expect as many as 60-70 participants to toe the starting line. 

The overall prize pool amounts to 1,100,000 rubles, from which the winner is entitled to 200,000 rubles, followed by 150,000 and 125,000 rubles to the silver and bronze prize-takers respectively. Besides, the tournament also features some special prizes.

Likewise, an extensive additional programme will include lectures, master classes, and simuls by famous chess players.

The Republic holds a chess competition of this magnitude for the first time ever, which also happens to be the first major event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the physical culture movement in Yakutia. The Cup is designed to play an important role in the development of regional chess, will help improve existing players' mastery and popularise chess in the Sakha Republic.

Aysen Nikolayev, Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): “Chess is the world's most popular intellectual game, which has long since been a shining asset in the world's material and spiritual culture. The creative and intellectual element, which chess is known for, is more relevant today than ever before for the education of the younger generations, who are capable of creating a new republic, country, and world.”

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