30 November 2021

Game Four of Carlsen vs Nepomniachtchi Match Ends in Draw

The overall march score remains level — 2:2.

Photo credit: Eric Rosen, FIDE
Photo credit: Eric Rosen, FIDE


Tuesday, November 30, game four of the Carlsen vs Nepomniachtchi World Championship Match finished in Dubai. Making the symbolic first move was Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council Н.E. Saeed Mohammed Hareb.

The world champion had the white pieces and opened the game by moving his king pawn. The game opened into the Petrov Defence. Both raced through the opening to demonstrate deep preparation. With the queens traded off on move 18, the game transposed into a complex ending in which White uncorked a new plan of rerouting the knight to the opponent's camp. However, Ian’s reaction proved his being prepared for such a turn of events. 

White advanced his central d-pawn, and Black came back with promoting his own paser. There arose a position of dynamic equilibrium, and Magnus Carlsen sealed a draw with a perpetual check on move 33. 

The overall march score remains level — 2:2. Game five is taking place December 1 with Ian Nepomniachtchi playing with the white pieces. 

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Pictures by Vladimir Barsky