16 October 2022

Daria Voit and Vladislav Artemiev Become Russian Rapid Champions

The team blitz and rapid championships are ahead.

The Russian Rapid Championships among men and women finished in the Zhemchuzhina Grand Hotel in Sochi on 16 October. Both tournaments ran to the Swiss system in 11 rounds, with 15+10 time control. 

Vladislav Artemiev, the rating favourite of the open event (with 204 participants), achieved a confident victory, having scored 9.5 points out of 11. Anton Shomoev won silver with 8.5 points. The bronze medallist Evgeny Tomashevsky got 8 points and edged out several players thanks to his superior tie-break.

Daria Voit wrapped up a golden double: after winning the women's blitz championship, she was victorious in the rapid tournament (115 players) as well, having got 9 points out of 11. Olga Girya (2nd place) and Polina Shuvalova (3rd place) scored 8.5 points each.

Saturday, October 15, the Russian Team Blitz Championships will be held in the Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina. The tournaments will see 35 teams in the open section and 15 in the women's. The rounds will start at 2 PM Moscow time.

Pictures by Vladimir Barsky