20 August 2015

Tomashevsky and Goryachkina Become Champions

Russian Championship Superfinals ended in Chita today.

The concluding round of the Russian Championship Superfinals was played in Chita today, August 20.

In the men's tournament Igor Lysyj defeated Vladislav Artemiev, all other games were drawn.

Evgeny Tomashevsky, grandmaster from Saratov, scored 7.5 points in 11 games and became a new champion of Russia. Sergey Karjakin from Moscow took the silver medal with 7 points, Nikita Vitiugov from St. Petersburg won the broze with 6.5 points. 

In the women's event Alexandra Kosteniuk lost to Ekaterina Kovalevskaya, Anastasia Bodnaruk drew with Olga Girya, and Aleksandra Goryachkina successfully defended a difficult position against Kateryna Lagno. In other games Valentina Gunina defeated Natalia Pogonina, Anastasia Savina defeated Evgenija Ovod, and Marina Guseva won her first game in Chita, beating Alina Kashlinskaya. 

Thus, the 16-year-old Aleksandra Goryachkina from Salekhard collected 8 points and became a new Russian champion. Anastasia Bodnaruk from St. Petersburg and Alexandra Kosteniuk from Moscow had 7 points each. Bodnaruk was awarded the silver medal, as she played more games as Black. 

Final standings:


Tomashevsky - 7.5
Karjakin - 7
Vitiugov - 6.5
Artemiev, Jakovenko, Dubov, Khismatullin - 5.5
Bukavshin, Lysyj, Svidler - 5
Khairullin, Motylev - 4


Goryachkina - 8
Bodnaruk, Kosteniuk - 7
Kovalevskaya, Gunina - 6.5
Lagno - 6
Savina, Girya - 5.5
Pogonina - 4
Ovod, Kashlinskaya - 3.5
Guseva - 3

Russian chess federation congratulates the champions and medal winners on an excellent performance!