18 October 2023

Central Park Tower Wins Russian Blitz Team Championship

Team Nastavnik triumphs in the Women's section.

Friday, October 17, the Zhemchuzhina Grand Hotel in Sochi hosted the Russian Blitz Team Championships. The Open tournament was played to the Swiss system, the Women's event was a round-robin competition. Both tournaments featured 13 rounds with the 3+2 time control.

Second to none in the Open tournament was the Moscow team "Central Park Tower". Alexander Grischuk, Dmitry Andreikin, Daniil Dubov, and Maxim Matlakov scored 24 match points out of 26 and finished four points ahead of the Moscow Chess Team (Vladimir Malakhov, Vadim Zvjaginsev, Alexey Dreev, Nikita Afanasiev, and Mikhail Kobalia). Team Kuban, at the same time representing the Moscow Oblast, finished third with 18 points. This team consisted of Boris Savchenko, Pavel Smirnov, Andrei Deviatkin, and Oleg Vastrukhin.

The Women's championship had the fate of the gold medals undecided until the very last moment. Team Nastavnik of Rostov Oblast and the first team of the Sport School on Chess and Checkers (St. Petersburg) scored 21 match points each. The total of individual points was slightly better for the representatives of Rostov-on-Don – 38 against 37.5. Here is a lineup of the champion team: Daria Charochkina, Baira Kovanova, Anastasia Travkina, Ekaterina Kirdyashkina, and Yuliya Evteenko. Silver medalists: Anastasia Bodnaruk, Evgenija Ovod, Anastasia Keinanen, Tatyana Getman and Daria Yurasova.  Chess players from the Republic of Belarus finished third: Varvara Polyakova, Alexandra Tarasenko, Ksenia Norman, and Kseniya Zeliantsova. The Moscow chess team (Olga Badelka, Alexandra Obolentseva, Daria Voit, Ekaterina Kovalevskaya, and Ekaterina Borisova) also have 19 points under their belts.  

Team Nastavnik is to the left

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On 18-19 October, the Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina will host the Russian Rapid Team Championships.

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Photos by Vladimir Barsky