5 September 2016

Boris Grachev Wins Moscow Blitz Championship

Daria Pustovoitova won the women's tournament.

Traditional Open Blitz Championship of Moscow took place on September 5 in the Gorbushkin Dvor mall. The event took more than 6 hours. RCF Executive Director Mark Glukhovsky and Moscow Chess Federation President Vladimir Palikhata held speeches for the players and spectators, and also took part in the competition. 

The main tournament attracted 10 grandmasters and 10 masters. The race between Alexander Morozevich and Boris Grachev ended in a tie for the first place with 12.5 points out of 19. According to the regulations, a tie-breaking Armageddon game was supposed to happen, however, for some reason Morozevich left the building after his last round loss and never came back. Therefore, Boris Grachev received the first place prize. This is his first victory in Moscow Blitz Championships ever. Grigory Oparin finished third with 12 points. 

Daria Pustovoitova collected 14 points in 17 games in the women's championship, closely contected by Daria Charochkina – 13.5 points. 

Yury Balashov won the seniors event with 13.5/15.

Vladimir Vorozheikin prevailed in the VIP event with 6.5 out of 8.

Information by Boris Dolmatovsky