3 February 2023

Andrey Filatov's Statement Concerning False Interpretation of His Participation in Altmax Holding Ltd.

Dear all,

In response to a number of European media inquiries containing a false and biased interpretation of my participation in Altmax Holding Ltd., please be informed that, as previously reported in official sources, through Brighttree Holding Ltd. I own a 50% stake in the authorized capital of Altmax Holding. I purchased the stake from Mr. Fazilov, as disclosed in an official public announcement following the completion of the transaction. I have always owned the stake in my own interest, which has been repeatedly confirmed by the various financial institutions that have worked with us on project financing, as well as by the licensors providing various technologies for our project. Altmax Holding is indeed a 75% shareholder in Surhan Investments, which, in turn, is a party to a production sharing agreement with the Republic of Uzbekistan. As a businessman, I have a wide range of business interests including the oil and gas sector. However, while I do not doubt Mr. Fazilov’s integrity, I am not a partner in his operating business. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that in case of publication of false statements or allegations against me, I will make use of all available means to defend my name and business reputation.

President of the Chess Federation of Russia
Andrey Filatov