17 October 2023

Anastasia Bodnaruk Wins Russian Women's Rapid Championship

Roman Kezin became the winner of the open event.

The Russian Rapid Championship finished in the Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina in Sochi on 16 October. Both tournaments were the 11-round events with the "15+10" time control. 

IM Roman Kezin (1st place), GM Pavel Ponkratov (2nd place), and GM Mikhail Demidov (3rd place) shared 1-3 places with 8.5 points scored by each. 

Roman Kezin

It is curious that the women's tournament finished in a similar fashion: three players got 8.5 points out of 11. They are WGM Anastasia Bodnaruk (1st place), WGM Daria Charochkina (2nd place), and FM Ekaterina Goltseva (3rd place). 

Tournament on Chess-Results

The Russian Team Blitz Championship will take place in Sochi on 17 October. 

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Photos by Vladimir Barsky