30 September 2020

All-Russian Student Competitions Completed in Moscow

The winner is the Ural State Mining University.

Photo: Eldar Mukhametov
Photo: Eldar Mukhametov

The all-Russian individual and team student competitions took place in the Chess House of the Russian State Social University in Moscow. 55 players (31 in the open section and 24 in the girls' one) participated in the event. Both tournaments were the Swiss competitions with 7 rounds. 

IM Sergey Drygalov, a representative of the Ural State Mining University (Sverdlovsk region), became the winner of the open event.  GM Alexey Sarana took the second place with 5.5 pointes scored; he missed the final round as he had fallen sick. FM Ivan Yeletsky from the Russian University of Transport (Moscow) won bronze. He also got 5.5. points but had an inferior tiebreak. 

WGM Polina Shuvalova (Ural State Mining University) won the girls' tournament with 6 points. WFM Yulia Grigorieva (2nd place), WFM Anastasia Zotova (3rd place, both from the Moscow State University), and WIM Anna Afonasieva (4th place, Ural State Mining University) are half a point behind. 

The team of the Ural State Mining University achieved a convincing victory with IM Sergey Drygalov, GM Alexey Sarana, WGM Polina Shuvalova, and WIM Anna Afonasieva scoring 23 points together.

The Moscow State University (Oleg Bykov, IM Arsen Kukhmazov, WFM Yulia Grigorieva, and WFM Polina Gutkovich) is on the second place with 18.5 points. 

Ilya Vetokhin, Mikhail Khmelev, Ekaterina Diakonova, and Yana Ivanova from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow) won bronze medals with 16.5 points scored. 

Sergey Drygalov and Yulia Grigorieva (Polina Shuvalova has a right to play) qualified for the Russian Championship Higher League, which starts on October 7 in Sochi.

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