26 May 2018

19th Karpov International Tournament Starts in Poikovsky

Top seed is Ian Nepomniachtchi.

Photo by Eteri Kublashvili
Photo by Eteri Kublashvili

The 19th Karpov International Chess Tournament will take place in Poikovsky from May 26 to June 6. 

The line-up: Ian Nepomniachtchi (Russia, 2751), Dmitry Jakovenko (Russia, 2735), Santosh Vidit (India, 2707), Vladimir Fedoseev (Russia, 2706), Vladislav Artemiev (Russia, 2704), Boris Gelfand (Israel, 2695), Anton Korobov (Ukraine, 2678), Vladislav Kovalev (Belarus, 2650), Emil Sutovsky (Israel, 2647), and Victor Bologan (Moldova, 2610).

The match days: May 27 - June 5. June 1 is a free day.

The games start at 1 p.m. (Moscow time).

Tournament information