The all-Russian speed chess competitions “RAPID Grand Prix of Russia” 2020 consist of regional tournaments, which have a status of the GP stages, and the final tournament. Overall result of the competition is formed by the outcome of the final tournament. 

Tournament Calendar 2021

1. L. Sandakchiev Memorial, January 8-11, Novosibirsk

2. R. Kur Memorial, February 26 - March 1, Barnaul

3. 18th Chess Festival «Sagaalkha», March 11-15, Ulan-Ude

4. V. Sergievsky Memorial, April 8-12, Cheboksary

5. R. Nezhmetdinov Cup, May 28-31, Kazan

6. A. Kadyrov Memorial, June 8-11, Grozny

7. Sea Harbor, June 11-13, Anapa

8. Y. Lobanov Memorial, June 24-26, Sochi

9. Tuapse 2021, July 6-8, Olginka

10. Seaside City, July 16-19, Vladivostok

11. Malaya Zemlya, July 18-20, Novorossiysk

12. Gelendzhik 2021, July 31 - August 2, Gelendzhik

13. E. Zudov Memorial, July 29 - August 1, Nizhny Tagil

14. Kerkimitida 2021, August 13-15, Yevpatoria

15. Orlovka 2021, August 26-28, Sevastopol

16. St Petersburg Summer, August 27-30, Saint Petersburg

17. Anapa 2021, September 8-10, Anapa

18. Igor Kurnosov Memorial, September 9-13, Chelyabinsk

19. Yalos 2021, September 21-23, Yalta

20. Sochi 2021, October 4-6, Sochi

21. Yenisey Bridges, October 15-18, Krasnoyarsk

22. N. Gapizov Memorial, October 15-18, Makhachkala

23. B. Kustov Memorial, October 21-25, Novokuznetsk

24. Ugra Cup, November 19-23, Khanty-Mansiysk

14. Final, November 24-28, Khanty-Mansiysk. 

Sportsmen have a right to play in an unlimited number of the Russian Youth Cup stages during the year. 

Wearing a mask and using protective screens are obligatory during the tournament. 

Cup points, scored by participants in all stages, are summed up. Cup points are awarded only to participants who have Russian citizenship or to those who have a temporary registration in one of the Russian regions (except Moscow and Saint Petersburg) not later that January 1 of the current year. 

12 best participants qualify for the final competitions among men and women.

The final tournaments of the Russian Cup are knockout events with 14 participants in the open and the women's sections. A boy and a girl under 19 years old, which showed the best results in the series, are entitled to play in the Final. CFR Trainers Council nominates two players for the final events as well.