A traditional International Chess Festival "Aeroflot Open 2018" will be held in Moscow from 19 February (the date of arrival) to 2 March 2018 (the date of departure). The venue is Cosmos Hotel. As usually, the competition will consist of three groups according to the rating of the participants - А (2549 and more), B (2299-2550) и C (2300 and less). The winner of the main tournament will qualify to the super tournament in Dortmund.  

The festival has the guaranteed prize fund amounting to EUR 140,000 (taking into account the prizes for the blitz tournament on March 1).

Special prizes for seniors, women, and juniors (amounting to 2500 euro) will be set as well; a participant can be rewarded only with one (the highest) prize. 

The organizers are Aeroflot, the Russian Chess Federation, and the Association of Chess Federations.

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E-mail: aeroflotchess@gmail.com

Tel.: +7-985-763-3616

Tel./fax: +7-495-635-5684